Drought sign-up ends Jan. 30

Farms may be eligible for Livestock Forage Program assistance

By Kay Russell - FSA County Executive Director

Claiborne and Union Counties have been declared eligible for assistance under the Livestock Forage Program (LFP) as a result of the Drought of 2016 as authorized by the 2014 Farm Bill. Eligible livestock producers may qualify for the maximum payment level of three months, due to the severity of the year’s drought. January 30 is the deadline to apply for benefits under the 2016 LFP at Farm Service Agency.

To file an LFP application for benefits, eligible livestock producers must have timely filed (by July 15, 2016) a Report of Acreage for all pasture grazed on all farms in 2016. If the acreage report was not timely filed, then a late-filed report can be made, however, the fee for late-filed Reports of Acreage of $31 per farm will be due.

LFP applications should reflect the highest livestock inventory grazing owned, or cash/share-leased pastureland during the 60-day period September 15 through November 15, 2016. Copies of any written acreage lease or rental agreements must be submitted, otherwise, the lessor/landowner must sign an LFP Lease Agreement Certification Statement.

The following types of owned, leased, or contract-to-purchase livestock may be eligible under LFP: Beef, Dairy, Buffalo/Beefalo Cows and Bulls and non-adults weighing 500 pounds or more. Sheep, goats, equine, swine, llamas, and others may be eligible types of livestock under LFP. The livestock must be produced and maintained for commercial use as part of a farming operation. Animals used for recreational purposes such as: pleasure, hunting, pets, roping, or for show are not eligible for LFP.

Please contact the Claiborne-Union County FSA Office for additional program details at 2178 Highway 25E, Tazewell, TN or call toll-free 1-888-257-1245, option “02” or 423-626-3811. To find more information about FSA disaster assistance programs online, visit http://disaster.fsa.usda.gov . USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Farms may be eligible for Livestock Forage Program assistance

By Kay Russell

FSA County Executive Director

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