Saving special memories

Published 1:51 pm Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas is a beautiful time with so many special moments that would be ideally suited for photography. Anyone can save these moments because there are multiple ways to capture them. We have film, point and shoot, digital DSLRs, video and even cell phones that do both video and stills. With all these types of memory capturing devices there is simply no excuse for not saving these special moments. With any type of device the tactics of saving memories are basically all the same.

First, find your subject. It could be a parade, a child, nativity scene or other — but identify your subject first.

Second, compose your shot. Decide if the photo looks better horizontally or vertically.

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Third, use the zoom and get close to your subject. A closeness to the subject reveals details that should never be forgotten.

Fourth, if the subject is a child then make certain you focus on the eyes. Try to capture the twinkle of a light in the eye of the child and the pure happiness the holidays give him or her.

Fifth, depress the shutter. This is when the camera will do its part and provide a long-lasting image ready for distribution to family and friends.

Sixth, edit by cropping and correcting bad lighting and anything that distracts from the special memory.

Seventh, go into this as a confident photographer. For the most part we all have stopped using film and negatives. Our goal now is to get a beautiful, well-defined sharp image in vivid color; otherwise known as a positive.

Eighth, this one is very important. Absolutely do not be afraid to work in the “M” — or manual — mode. If you take the time, be brave and work in this manual mode you will become better at capturing those memories.

Ninth is most overlooked and most important. Read the device’s manual because it will tell you how to get the best out of your equipment no matter if it’s a DSLR, video cam or a mere cell phone camera. Read, then apply what you have learned.

Tenth and finally, do not simply apply these tips to just your photography. If you know your subject and can compose yourself into being the best “you” possible and zoom in taking action like the depressing of a shutter then cut and crop out the non-essential stuff you will be more able to edit out the dark or the non-important and be very confident in your ability. Always be brave enough to take on the world and avoid the day-to-day automatic life we sometimes experience and never forget that we are provided a manual to help us.

If we do all these things, in my opinion, we will not only become better at capturing our special moments but we will also become better people.