Spotlight on Education

Published 6:13 pm Tuesday, January 9, 2018

(This is the next installment in the continuing series of articles written by Claiborne school system personnel to keep the public informed of happenings inside the county.)

The Special Education department would like to update you on some new things we are putting into place to help close the achievement gap this year.

Beginning in January we have a new special education instructional coach. She will assist and mentor special education teachers in providing the most productive, appropriate, and intensive instruction and intervention to students so as to close the achievement gap between general education and special education students in grades K-8. The new special education instructional coach will be traveling from school to school to collaborate accommodations, assist with and help provide additional resources as needed.

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We will continue to provide professional development training as well as Professional Learning Communities to help guide and mentor special education paraprofessionals who work together to provide services for our students in a variety of educational settings. Training includes modeling by experienced interventionist teachers, special education teachers, and resources to help implement services.

The Claiborne County Special Education Department is working hard to ensure commitment to and accountability for closing this gap and will continue to monitor effective practices that lead to improved student achievement for students in special education. Our students today are America’s future and we want to ask everyone to help encourage both our students as well and our teachers and paraprofessionals.