Qualified by God

Published 3:00 am Tuesday, July 3, 2018

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Our worth is not determined by how other people treat us or what they say about us. It is not based on the brand of our clothing or the square footage of our homes. When God looks upon us, our worth to Him is priceless because it was bought with the price of His Son’s blood.

He sent His Son to die for the sins of the whole world—not just a select few. Regardless of how well we try to live, we all sin. The good news is that God loves each sinner, regardless of the sin. He allowed Jesus to die, so that we may live in Eternity with Him one day.

However, I think it breaks God’s heart to see us waste our lives. He created us all with an important purpose that goes beyond our desires. We all have unique gifts. If we show up every day and offer our gifts to the world, then God will bless our efforts. He needs us all.

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In the past, I have used my feelings of unworthiness as an excuse to not do God’s work. I listened to every word the devil said and even embraced his lies. God’s word, however, disputes the lies of the devil. The good news is that I get to choose which one I will serve; God or the devil.

God is all-powerful. Therefore, He knows how to help us. While our job might seem overwhelming to us, God knows how to help us do His work. We just have to seek Him. Giving up, before we even try, is not pleasing to God. He wants us to step out in faith, knowing that when our strength falters His strength will begin.

I remember telling Him over and over that, I couldn’t write a book. God, however, would not accept my excuses. Finally, when I turned it all over to Him and stepped out in faith, He blessed me to write one word at a time. Sometimes I just type the one word and sit and wait for the next one—never fully knowing how it will turn out.

The one thing I have learned is that it is not my knowledge or wisdom that God is seeking from me. All He wants is my obedience. If I am obedient to Him, then He will teach me everything else.

I am the strongest when I surrender to God. When I can say, here I am God. Use me according to Your will. Then, He can use me. If I can do it on my own, then it’s not really God’s work.