Education building could get new use

Published 12:48 pm Monday, August 13, 2018

If all goes as planned, the old Education Building could be housing a newly established entity.

The Claiborne Commission will be voting on resolution 2018-056 which, if adopted, will allow the members of the Change Claiborne Initiative to hold meetings in an unused floor of the building.

Access will be convenient to the Claiborne County Chamber of Commerce, which is situated on Main Street directly across from the proposed location.

According to the resolution, Change Claiborne and its affiliates want to lease the unused floor as a place to meet for education, health and quality of life activities.

These meetings would benefit the citizens of Claiborne County.

The Claiborne Commission will also hear from Tim Howell, CEO of Senior Citizens Home Assistance.

The information packet, which is distributed to the commissioners 10 days prior to each monthly meeting, also contains the annual reports from the Circuit Court Clerk.

As is normally the case, the Claiborne Commission could add, change or delete items on the agenda during the opening moments of the meeting.

This will be the last meeting for eight commissioners, six of which were voted out during the recent general elections. Commissioners Zachary Bunch, Dennis Estes, Billy Johnson, Bill Keck, Danny Longworth and Aimee Upton will not return to the September meeting in their official capacities.

Seats previously held by Joan Cosby and William Jessie will be filled by new members, as well.

The next meeting of the Claiborne Commission will begin at 6:30 p.m. on Aug. 20, inside the large courtroom of the Claiborne County Courthouse. The public is encouraged to attend these monthly meetings.