Why is there so much dissension?

Published 11:45 am Tuesday, July 30, 2019

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By Billy Holland

Living on Purpose

We realize there is a battle between good and evil, but in order to have clear lines drawn that help us identify the differences, we must actually know truth from error. This may sound elementary, but it seems the failure of recognizing and embracing truth is the reason why there is so much confusion and hatred in the world. How so? When we look back through history and listen to all the arguing that is going on all around us today, we notice there is bitter disagreement about most everything.

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Politics and religion lead the charge when it comes to dissent and conflicts and unfortunately it has always been this way. Truth is attainable among countless false opinions and interpretations; however, this is where we must include another important consideration and that is deception. There is certainly no shortage of enthusiasm, passion, or sincerity when it comes to people believing they are correct; however, we are also aware that humans can be sincerely wrong. In other words, if everyone could find, understand, and accept God’s truth, we would all agree and love each other. In this way of thinking, truth is associated with knowing God and error is directly connected with perverse antagonism. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Sadly, it is not.

When we mention the word truth, is there really such a thing as universal and absolute truth? I believe that God and his word is absolute truth regardless of time-line, culture, or location, it is the highest standard for our lives. Some might say this is a narrow-minded opinion but actually this revelation did not originally come from me or any other human for that matter.

It is a promise in the Bible and I personally choose to believe the author that cannot fail or lie. It also says that God was from the beginning which means that truth has always existed. It was not a process that evolved or developed gradually, which makes it impossible for us to comprehend. This is another one of those complex subjects that we just accept and embrace by faith. Throughout the history of the world, we see the definitions of God’s original explanation of right and wrong has undergone some major remodeling as mankind attempts to improve or correct God’s laws into a more acceptable way of living.

Apparently, there has always been rebellious movers and shakers who believe that perfect truth can become outdated and lose its relevance. It’s not a secret this is happening today with those who are convinced their intelligence allows them the authority to implement and replace divine instructions while establishing a more popular and permissive civilization.

Taking a closer look, we realize it’s not that mankind is complaining that God’s way is wrong, but that we simply do not want to be told what to do. We are stubborn like a child and will crawl on our hands and knees across hot blacktop to resist submission. Rebellion is embedded in our nature and is blatant arrogance toward the one who created and loves us. Every person is given a free-will to decide what they will believe and whom they will obey.

God does not force anyone to accept his truth and allows everyone to live by whatever standards they choose. Freedom is another word to be considered within this discussion, but the interpretation can be dangerous. We rejoice that God’s truth will set us free from the bondage of sin, but the natural concept of freedom is to live however we want which is nothing less than unrestrained carnality. It takes the same amount of determination to bypass God’s truth and create a defiant independent lifestyle, as is needed for an individual to humbly embrace his true truth. This gives us an insight to the real cause of hatred and strife which is insubordination toward what is infinitely holy.

If someone is trusting God as the way, the truth, and the life, they would never accept or compromise with the new philosophies of social acceptance and political correctness. On the other hand, if an individual is receptive to new worldview modifications, they will agree to discard the Bible and welcome the idea of progressive advancement. Sadly, we are witnessing a society that is boldly justifying sin and openly making excuses to abandon any type of spiritual accountability toward God’s perfect righteousness. “Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth” John 17:17.

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