Published 1:26 pm Sunday, May 17, 2020

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Baptism is an essential part of many religions all across the world and it comes in several forms but in the south it symbolizes more than the washing away of sins.
A baptism is basically the sprinkling of water on the forehead or the process of actually being placed in and under water as a symbol of sins being washed away.
In the Baptist religion it is more than just a sprinkling on the forehead it’s a purification and also the entering into the Christian church. The baptism is a direct symbol of the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ being applied in a new life.
As far as the person being baptized this process supposed to be a cleansing of the past and the promise of a new future. It’s a joining of sorts into Christianity.
There are so many differences in the methods of baptism, some are Biblical while others are not. All the baptisms spoken about in the Bible have something in common; full immersion in water.
Some religions sprinkle water on foreheads of children during a baptism ceremony but it seems immersion is what the Bible defines as baptism. It is said in the Bible that children can not yet understand the word of God and can not be truly baptized but does not define the age of understanding.
Christians find baptisms very important in that it truly provides an individual a physical connection with the life of Jesus. It’s the perfect symbol of the death and burial of Jesus Christ. Also, even Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. Christians believe that Jesus wanted to be baptized because of his want and need to become one of us. It was part of the plan and was about humility which is a modest view of one’s self, a great lesson in itself for us all.
Only by Jesus can our sins be forgiven but God provided us a powerful symbol for us to wash away our sins by baptism. Added to that is the realization they we have entered a new chapter in our lives and expected to stray away from our past and live as Jesus’ teachings instruct us to.
Southern Baptist Pastor of Pump Springs added, “Baptism is a form of a Greek word baptizo meaning submerge completely. I do teach baptism by immersion. Baptism is a response of obedience to Jesus Christ. Baptism is not salvation in any way; however, baptism is a first step of obedience to one’s new salvation in Christ.
Baptism demonstrates our recognition of the Lordship of Jesus over every aspect of our life.”
Cannon continued, “Salvation is a believers public declaration of a new life in Christ. As stated baptism identifies with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, as well as our own spiritual death, burial and resurrection as pictured in baptism.”
Scripture to consider when reading and studying about baptism is listed below.
Acts 2:38-41, Romans 6:3-5, Acts 8:35-38, Matt 10:32, Matt 3:13-15, Mark 1:9-10
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