Parkey, Gales pen devotional

Published 11:56 am Friday, April 15, 2022

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The 30 Day Devotional is making a difference in the lives of individuals who are in the grip of all manner of addiction. The devotion is co-written by Kelly Parkey and Crystal Gales, cousins who banded together to create something tangible that can help give serenity to those battling the black monster of dependency. Anything can be addictive – a substance or an action – and this book takes them all on.

“The reason we started this devotional was to reveal God to those in addiction – to make it small, short, simple and sweet – to give them the means to help themselves with a Bible scripture of God’s word in a prayer that meets them right where they are for that day,” said Parkey. “It gives people the sense of who God is and how God works in addiction. This devotional is to just let you know who God is in the midst of the storm.”

Parkey is open about what she characterizes as her lost years as an addict and how she came to the end of herself.

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“I’d been on pills and meth for years and in and out of jail and prison. I neglected my children, all because I refused to receive help.

“I thought I looked cute, but looking back, now that I am sober, I see that I looked dead. I was killing myself. I did everything that I could to feed my addiction. I had both of my boys in prison, all because I said no to rehab, because I wanted drugs more.

“My addiction was bad. And, this isn’t turn-key. I slowly started changing my people, places and things. I surrounded myself with positive people that motivated me to do better. I gradually did every step needed and now I have my boys back.”

Parkey created G.L.O.S.S. (Girls Loving Ourselves Seriously Sober) during the pandemic with the help of a band of fellow recovering addicts. In a previous interview, she spoke of the reasons behind the organization.

“I came up with the idea because we had lost so many friends within a month that something had to change. I didn’t know how to go about it. I just knew that I wanted to do it. I contacted five girls. Together, we embraced each other’s individual growth in recovery and just allowed it to shine in that area for the best for our community. We don’t make any money off of what we do. We do it, because that’s where our hearts are.”

Parkey says she wants those who doubt they will ever recover to know that they are not alone.

“I do not want you to think that a drug high is living because I thought it was too, until I changed. You’re killing yourself. You know that you are not yourself.”

The 30 Day Devotional penned by Parkey and Gales is a true collaboration between two former addicts who know firsthand just how debilitating dependency can be. Parkey penned the daily devotions then handed them off to Gales, a local author, who delved into the Bible, matching each one to a scripture. A prayer for the day was then tagged to each devotion.

Parkey says the book was written with the idea in mind that whatever the addiction, whatever someone might be going through, God has a scripture to “back it up.

“It was written to help others cope with life whether it’s addiction, depression, loneliness so it will help grow a closer relationship with God.”

Parkey is also partnering with Sharps Chapel resident Samantha Davis, who works the court system through her employment at the Knoxville Recovery Center. Davis is a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist and is certified in Behavioral Health.

“We came together to help both Claiborne and Union Counties fight addiction,” said Parkey. “We have meetings to help with addiction in Union County and Samantha can also appear in court if someone needs rehab.”

The 30-Day Devotional can be purchased through Amazon.

For more information, contact Parkey at 606-449-1679.