Man kidnaps, stabs woman police say; game talk leads to beefed up security

Published 11:59 am Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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The alleged kidnapping and assault of a woman has one man sitting it out in Claiborne County Jail without possibility of a bond as of his reset hearing on Dec. 8.

Travis T. Brock, 39, allegedly led the victim and her juvenile daughter on a wild goose chase that should have ended at the victim’s mother’s home. According to the citation, the woman and the juvenile were driven instead to a secluded area where they were held against their will. Brock allegedly brandished a knife and stabbed the woman twice. The citation does not explain how the two were able to eventually get away.

According to the document, Brock used a deadly weapon resulting in serious bodily injury causing the victim to reasonably fear imminent death. The citation also states that Brock knowingly and intentionally attempted to kill the woman.

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Claiborne County Detective Niki McGeorge was the responding officer to the call originating from the Claiborne Medical Center Emergency Room.

Brock is charged with one count of attempted 2nd degree murder, two counts of especially aggravated kidnapping and aggravated domestic assault. He was also served with a violation of parole stemming from a January 2018 aggravated assault in Rutherford County.

Talking the latest gaming video could lead to an unexpected situation – especially if snatches of the conversation are overheard by a concerned individual who feels obligated to pass the information on to law enforcement. Rumors of a Claiborne High School student threatening to bring a gun to school made the social media rounds early last month, only to lead to nothing.

According to CHS Resource Officer Deputy Max Graves, the circulating rumors had the wrong school. Graves said during an interview that there was no incident at Claiborne High during the reported timeframe that would have drawn extra officers to the campus.

According to Claiborne Sheriff Bob Brooks, the incident can be racked up to a misunderstood conversation between students discussing a video game.

Brooks said he “beefed up” security at Soldiers Memorial Middle and Springdale Elementary Schools – the two campuses for which the report was called.

Nothing came of the event.