Signs of the times

Published 3:20 pm Friday, March 27, 2020

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Almost every business has one on their door and we see them everywhere we go, Covid-19 signs. They are all just signs of the times we are living in. Not surprisingly, the virus and all the concern around it is being felt in almost every activity we choose to take part in.

Most say things such as closed due to Covid-19, lobby open for take out customers only, drive through only, call for service and various other statements.

Sportsmen and women were really hit hard with the striking concern for the virus when those kind of signs were posted on the checking station at Chuck Swan Wildlife Management Area located in Union and Campbell Counties just south of Claiborne County.

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Formally known as Central Peninsula, Chuck Swan covers nearly 25,000 acres and is bordered by Norris Lake on three sides. It is widely used by hunters, fishermen and women, bird watchers, hikers, ATV riders and more.

Things were different as turkey hunters rolled onto the area for the first turkey hunt of the season. On this hunt there were signs, many of them which stated the checking station was closed due to Covid-19 concerns.

When the game warden came to open the gates he didn’t go turn on the lights, he didn’t start the coffee pot- he simply went and opened both gates. There was no talking with hunters about the days hunt, no sign in or out, no jovial cutting up with fellow hunters; people simply stayed in or near the vehicles until the gates opened.

The unseen enemy seemed to take away much of the hunt that everyone loved except for the actual pursuit of the turkey itself. Successful hunters drove right by the station on the way out and checked their birds in online.

Our day to day life is messed up due to Covid-19 and how long this lasts is really unknown but one thing is certain and that’s the fact that when “normal” comes back there will be a happier set of signs of the times.