Do you know what your candidates think? Alice Alexander profile

Published 12:03 pm Thursday, June 30, 2022

I have been the Claiborne County Trustee for the past 24 years. Before being elected to this position, I worked as Chief Deputy Trustee under the elected Trustee at the time. Prior to working in the county government, I was an accountant at Claiborne County Hospital.

I am the best candidate for this office because I am the only qualified candidate running for election. I have the experience and knowledge needed to successfully operate the Trustee’s Office. My staff is also very knowledgeable and takes great pride in their work. I have also always enjoyed working with the people of Claiborne County. It is a true pleasure to serve my community.

My top priority is to continue to serve the public and help the veterans, the disabled, and the elderly with the Tax Relief Program.

I will continue to work closely with other elected officials and state officials to ensure the continuance of the Tax Relief Program.