Public Records

Published 4:07 pm Tuesday, February 14, 2023

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Compiled by JAN RUNIONS

The following public records are the only public records that have been made available to the Claiborne Progress. If you feel that there has been an omission or other error, please contact the appropriate agency. As addresses are not always included in these reports, some misidentification can occur with individuals having the same name as others. Persons listed as being arrested or receiving citations should not be considered guilty or convicted as they have not been found to be so in a court of law at the times these records are filed. Since records are printed as received, the list is controlled by the appropriate agencies involved; we are unable to change or omit names or information.

Claiborne County Sheriff’s Office

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• Trevor Allen Dozier-possession of a schedule I controlled substance, joyriding, violation of probation for possession of a schedule I controlled substance

• Angelia Denise Chumley-violation of probation for possession of drug paraphernalia

• Joseph Paul Keaton-public intoxication

• Larry Joseph Trammell-public intoxication

New Tazewell Police Dept.

• Frances Owens-two counts aggravated assault, one count simple assault

• Joseph H. Hawkins-simple assault

• Skye Nicole Caldwell-failure to appear for driving on a suspended license

• Aaron Lee Shoffner-speeding 58/20, violation of the financial responsibility law

• MacKenzie R. Brock-speeding 66/45, violation of the driver’s license law

• Dakota J. Lawson-speeding 61/45, violation of the financial responsibility law

• Jonathan F. Bailey-speeding 72/45

• Hannah F. Carroll-speeding 70/45

• Chloe B. Hatfield-speeding 70/45

• Samuel R. Mullins-speeding 69/45

• Benjamin Eric Pearson-speeding 67/45

• Dalton Bailey-speeding 67/45

• Karen S. Baker-speeding 64/45

• Jennifer R. Thompson-speeding 49/30

• James Joseph Milyo-speeding 62/45

• Jeannine Carlean Reeves-speeding 61/45

• Ana Alicia Swann-speeding 61/45

• Sarah Elizabeth Craig-speeding 61/45

• Dakota A. Tolliver-speeding 61/45

• Todd E. Osborne-speeding 60/45

• James D. Boling-speeding 60/45

• Tara L. Collins-speeding 45/30

• Jason Robert Noe-speeding 45/30

• Jasmine L. Combs-speeding 35/20

• Jonathan Ratliff-violations of the traffic control device (stop sign) and light laws

• Dalton Eli Langford-violation of the traffic control device law

• Alberto Hasson-violation of the rules of the road (passing a moving vehicle in a no passing zone)

• Keith Eugene Poore-violation of the vehicle move over law, disorderly conduct

• Taylor M. Sams-violation of the vehicle window tinting law

Tazewell Police Dept.

• Terry Allen McDaniel-possession of barbiturates

• Robert Bussell-criminal trespassing

• James Carson Honeycutt-violations of probation for forgery under $1,000, aggravated burglary and theft of property under $10,000

• Kimberly Marie Smith-violations of probation for filing a false report and possession of methamphetamine

• Mark E. Alderman-failure to appear for theft under $1,000 and driving on a revoked license

• Kala Shane Edwards-speeding 75/45, violation of the financial responsibility law

• Ronny Burton Green-speeding 45/25, violation of the financial responsibility law

• Daniel Way Green-speeding 70/45

• Hannah Caroline Carver-speeding 70/45

• Gabriel Seth Lloyd-speeding 70/45

• Gregory Scott Davis-speeding 69/45

• Corbin McKenney Stevens-speeding 69/45

• Walker ONeil Bunch-speeding 67/45

• Dexter Jay Hicks-speeding 67/45

• Christopher A. Akers-speeding 66/45

• Mark Julian Wilkinson-speeding 66/45

• Sarah Beth Fultz Cunha-speeding 64/45

• Andrea Nial Scace-speeding 64/45

• Chelsie Kaye Tapscott-speeding 63/45

• Lucille Rose Garber-speeding 63/45

• Steven Louis Boyle-speeding 42/25

• Nathan Chapman-speeding 30/15

• Lee Allen Carver-violations of the seat belt, traffic control device and the financial responsibility laws

• Deborah Wanda June Lilly-violation of the traffic control device law

• Shelly Williams-violation of the rules of the road (improper traffic lane change)

• Richard Robbins-violation of the light law

• Jackie Cecil Johnson-driving on a revoked license, public intoxication, violations of the registration and financial responsibility laws

• Tommy Langley-driving on a revoked license