Faces of the Claiborne Progress

Published 9:06 am Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Bill Sharp

Group Publisher

Years of Service: 4

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Job Duties: My main responsibility is to guide the overall direction of the paper. This is done by working to maintain a positive relationship with the overall community that we service. My job is to ensure that we are providing our readers and advertisers what they want to the best of our abilities.

I enjoy so much about being part of something so important to the community. The local newspaper is still the main source for relevant community news and part of the ongoing history of our communities. What I enjoy the most is getting to work with and interact with the community.

Debbie Caldwell

Regional Editor

Years of Service: 22

Job Duties: Oversees all the editorial content for Harlan, Middlesboro and Tazewell for the newspapers, magazines and special sections — from beginning to print; supervise all editorial staff in training, story assignments, attendance; works jointly with circulation, advertising and the publisher on a daily basis; oversees all content on websites and Facebook; writer and photographer.

Keeping the public informed has been my goal in my career. One of my great pleasures would be my work in sports photography. It has always done my heart good to put a smile on the faces of athletes in the county and city schools from little league to high school for 20-plus years.

Marisa Anders


Years of Service: 11

Job Duties: The editorial team represents the Claiborne Progress in our community by covering news stories, sports and breaking news. As editor, I am responsible for overseeing the content of the paper and its website.

I love our community! I enjoy being part of the community and the opportunity to get out and about among various groups and organizations. Communicating stories will never get old — the area has a rich history and so does its people.

Jan Runions


Years of Service: 20

Job Duties: Report all types of news, from hardcore to ‘human interest.’ Write and self-edit the articles, research information, if needed, to flesh out the report. Photograph points of interest to go with the articles. Be a personal link from the readers to the paper.

I feel I’m doing our community a service by informing the general public of local news and special events. I enjoy the freedom the job allows me. A ‘good day,’ for me, is when I can alert others to important issues they might not hear about via other news outlets.

Allen Earl

Sports/News Writer

Years of Service: 7

Job Duties: Reporting and photography on local sports, motorsports and outdoors. Helping the Claiborne Progress team out when needed in non-sport issues as well.

Seeing the young athletes grow and become adults who make society better due to their coaching and team approach.

Mike Grimm

Sales Representative

Years of Service: 6 ½

Job Duties: Sell advertising space to local businesses, maintain existing business, bring on new business and grow customer base.

I enjoy being out in the public. I like meeting people and building relationships. I really like it when a customer has had success with the product I recommended and sold them.

Karen Rhymer

Customer Service

Years of Service: 9

Job Duties: Clerical and office duties and assisting customers.

I meet a variety of people. I get the news before it’s in print, and I work with a great group of people.

Dr. William Baker


Years of Service: 1

Job Duties: Feature writer.

I like to share stories and the results of my research about yesteryear. The newspaper allows me to enjoy doing so, and often perhaps to introduce a new generation of readers to local and regional history. The paper serves its local readers and as such is an important part of the community. I like that aspect of my work.