Strong opinions wanted

Published 1:40 pm Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Everyone has an opinion, right?

In the news business we are well aware that differing opinions abound, and we encourage you, our readers, to voice yours.

As a community newspaper, we want YOU to be highlighted. We want YOUR opinion to be heard. This page has been used very little by our readers, which make up this community we serve, and we want that to change.

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The editorial staff of the Claiborne Progress could fill it up each week with our opinions — if you know us, you know we have an opinion every now and then. However, this space can be yours. Do you have something on your mind about current events? Is there a topic that gets you heated when you read about it or watch it on TV?

Share what’s on your mind. If you’ve been a reader for some time, you’ve seen a few local columnists share their thoughts here. We welcome that.

Now, that does come with a caveat — it has to be printable. We have an editorial policy that we abide by. This is an opinion page, but your opinion cannot contain anything potentially libelous. We’ll take a look at your submission and let you know if we can print it.

I would love to see my email inbox flooded with columns and letters to the editor. Our website holds an easy way to submit a letter to the editor. Go to, and at the top you’ll see a “Submit” link. Hold your mouse over that and you’ll see “Submit a letter to the editor.” Click and it will give you a form. Fill that out, submit it and it comes straight to me.

I look forward to receiving your items and sharing your submissions on this page!

Marisa Anders lives in Claiborne County. She is interim regional editor for the Claiborne Progress, Middlesboro Daily News and Harlan Daily Enterprise. Reach her via email at