County sees a few election upsets

Published 12:55 pm Sunday, August 12, 2018

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A significant chunk of Claiborne County voters seem to have been solid in their beliefs that a change is needed in county government. Although the majority of office holders survived the turning of the wheel of the election polling machine, a few seemingly hard and fast candidates bit the dust in favor of new blood.

The following is a rundown of the local election results. All totals are as of yet unofficial from the Claiborne Election Commission Office.

District 1 voters kept county commission incumbents Whitt Shuford and Charlton Vass while exchanging Zachary Bunch for newcomer Brent Clark. Bunch lost his seat with 455 votes. Meanwhile, Clark handily won with 644 – pulling down the highest number of votes that decided the District 1, three-seat race.

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Shuford and Vass garnered 618 and 507 votes, respectively.

Lance Petty trailed behind with 331 votes.

Meanwhile, District 2 commissioner Bill Keck was uprooted from his seat with a total tally of 520 votes. Incumbent Juanita Honeycutt received 536, enough to retain her seat on the commission. Newcomers Nathan Epperson and Kim Walker Large also made the grade with 595 and 635 votes, respectively.

Epperson and Large beat out incumbent Gary Poore and newcomer David Guy, who garnered respective totals of 632 and 173 votes. Poore lost his seat on the commission, coming within just four votes of matching incumbent Honeycutt’s final tally.

District 3 incumbents Mike Campbell, Stacey Crawford and Nicholas Epperson retained their seats with totals of 632, 597 and 585, respectively. District hopeful Tim Shrout lost with a final tally of 466 votes.

The big upset in District 4 was the unseating of incumbent Dennis Estes, who lost his bid for reelection with 393 votes. Incumbent Anthony Rowe and newcomer Zach Mullins won their seats with 586 and 523, respectively. Hopeful Jake Williams lost his bid with 91 votes.

Incumbent Mitchell Cosby retained his seat in the 5th district with a final vote of 297 to Terry L. Daniels’ 230 votes.

The seat formerly taken by District 6 commissioner Joan Cosby opened the playing field wider for a valiant battle among six candidates.

One of the three seats up for grabs went to incumbent Steve Mason, who came away with a total 392 votes. Rosemary Barnett and newcomer Carolyn-Johnson Brooks beat out incumbent Billy Johnson, with final tallies of 354 and 319, respectively.

Johnson trailed with 264 votes. Hopefuls Don Bryant and Sherry Mills lost with respective 288 and 229 votes.

One of the shocks of the evening came when the final tally showed the ousting in District 7 of incumbents Danny Longworth and Aimee Upton, who lost with 277 and 351 votes, respectively.

Newcomers Steve Brogan and Sherry McCreary secured those seats with respective totals of 478 and 419 votes. Incumbent Shawn Peters held on to his seat with 428 votes.

Incumbent David Mundy and newcomer Steve Murphy won the two seats in District 8, beating out Tammy Reagan, who garnered 288 votes when the final tally was totaled. Mundy and Murphy received 475 and 313 votes, respectively.

District 8 commissioner William Jessie did not run for office, this term.

James Hatmaker retained his seat as the District 9 county commissioner. He ran unopposed, pulling down 99 votes from registered voters in the Clairfield area.

In the county trustee race, Alice Alexander retained her seat garnering 4,749 votes to opponent David Painter, who came away with 3,261 votes.

The new county clerk is Karen Hurst, who handily beat out her opponents with 5,236 votes. Misty Brown Davis and Charles Frost garnered 2,206 and 551 votes, respectively.

The decision by second district school board member Micheal Jo Gray not to run for reelection opened up the seat for a valiant battle between Terry K. Keck and Russell Smith. Keck won with 1,039 votes. Smith pulled down 259 votes.

Incumbent Neta Munsey retained her 3rd district school board seat, winning over her opponent Pamela Poore Bays with 634 votes to 554 votes, respectively.

Fifth district incumbent Linda Fultz won her seat on the school board with 546 votes. Her opponent, Alice Brooks, garnered 353 votes.

Shannon England, sixth district board member, ran unopposed. Her final tally was 771 votes.

Jill Brooks, Steve Cupp, Roger Poore, Jerry Ware and Edward Anglin will represent districts one through five on the newly established Charter Commission.

Brooks beat out Rodney Fugate and Scott Odom with 523 votes to their respective 241 and 312 votes.

Cupp, who ran unopposed in District 2, garnered 1,110 votes.

Poore beat out Cecil Woody in District 3, with a final tally of 860 to 220 votes.

Districts 4 and 5 winners Ware and Anglin ran unopposed, pulling down 689 and 392 votes, respectively.

Districts 7 and 9 winners Susan Lundeen Leo and Ruby Huddleston ran unopposed as well, coming away with respective tallies of 698 and 95 votes.

No candidates in Districts 6 and 8 filed for a Charter Commission seat.

Jackie Rosenbalm, who ran unopposed for the circuit court clerk seat, garnered a total 6,839 votes.

Kimberly Reece, register of deeds, ran unopposed as well. Her total votes came to 7,224.