Ensemble Recovery opens in Tazewell

Published 10:00 am Tuesday, July 2, 2019

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Those suffering from addiction or mental health issues now have a localized outpatient clinic in Tazewell. Ensemble Recovery is open at its new location on Church Street, offering individualized outpatient therapy services.

The locally owned and operated facility offers help with a myriad of issues. Therapies run the gamut from anxiety and depression to helping patients with improving relationship skills. Those battling addictions will also find relief through the doors of the clinic.

“Ensemble has a philosophy to meet our patients wherever they are in their journey and to offer the services they need at times that are convenient to them. We are patient-focused. We do not judge,” said Christopher Kerley, with Ensemble Recovery. “We are also a provider of addiction treatment. We specialize in treating addiction using a holistic approach. The whole person is addressed whether in group sessions or during individual therapy.”

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Ensemble Recovery offers two types of therapies – intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization. Both groups meet the individual at the point of their private journey by providing a safe and structured environment in which to accomplish his or her goals.

The length of time spent in the program varies by patient. Maintenance therapy for addiction could last for months or years before reaching durable sobriety.

Drug and alcohol dependency is taxing to the human body. Patients require specialized medical care, especially in the case of opioid addiction. Medications like Vivitrol are used to ensure that patients cannot “get high” even while using.

Vivitrol, commonly known as Naltrexone, blocks the opioid receptors in the brain preventing the patient from feeling the normal results associated with the drug use.

Ensemble Recovery approaches the problem with addiction in a unique way. The therapists combine primary medical care with traditional addiction treatment.

On its website, Ensemble Recovery states that its practitioners believe that opioid addiction is a chronic disease. That means treating the addiction in much the same way in which heart disease or diabetes is handled.

“We understand that no one decides to be an addict. People who become dependent on drugs or alcohol most often are struggling with depression, anxiety or other serious mental health problems. Exposure to addictive substances for any length of time and, in the case of drugs like heroin, just once, disrupts brain chemistry. This important factor is often overlooked in some traditional addiction treatment programs,” states information from the website.

Every patient receives a complete mental health assessment supervised by a psychiatrist who can prescribe antidepressants or other medicines to help restore normal and, ultimately, natural neuro-chemical balance.

“We know that having the motivation to change does not mean the process will be easy.

Our patients may be cut off from friends and family. They may have lost custody of their children. They may no longer have jobs, transportation or housing.

“Breaking free from an addiction under the best of circumstances is challenging enough. The stressors of broken relationships and other consequences of addiction can make the process even more difficult. Relapse is likely but is not a failure if we can help our patients identify what triggered the relapse.

“Then, we give them the support they need to rise above the next triggering event. We view relapse not as a moral failing but as a learning opportunity. We are not going to judge our patients. We want to be there to help them for the long haul,” states information from the website.

Ensemble recovery accepts most insurance including most TNCare plans. The local outpatient office is located at 1720 Church Street in Tazewell. The clinic is open Monday through Friday to serve the greater Claiborne County area.

For more information, call 865-770-3838 or log onto their website at: www.ensemblerecovery.com.