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Published 1:11 pm Monday, August 12, 2019

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Compiled by Jan Runions

The following public records are the only public records that have been made available to the Claiborne Progress. If you feel that there has been an omission or other error, please contact the appropriate agency. As addresses are not always included in these reports, some misidentification can occur with individuals having the same name as others. Persons listed as being arrested or receiving citations should not be considered guilty or convicted as they have not been found to be so in a court of law at the times these records are filed. Since records are printed as received, the list is controlled by the appropriate agencies involved; we are unable to change or omit names or information.

Claiborne Co. Sheriff’s Office

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Cindy Lin Plemons-aggravated domestic assault, resisting arrest

Daniel Massengill-forgery, theft of property under $1,000

Charles E. Collins-introduction of contraband into a penal facility, possession of a schedule VI controlled substance, resisting arrest

Doyle Andrew Goins-violation of probation for auto burglary

New Tazewell Police Dept.

Cynthia Sue Ooten-simple assault

Bernice Janee Caudill-simple assault

Christian Alexander Bowes-especially aggravated kidnapping, aggravated burglary, vandalism under $1,000

Ricky E. Soloman-accessory after the fact, filing a false report

Jacob K. Hurst-theft of property involving merchandise

Tyler Kyle Russell-theft

Gary Lynn Bunch Jr.-resisting stop, halt, frisk

Tabitha C. Johnson-speeding 59/30

Joshua Richard Gaskins-speeding 56/30

Connie Sexton-speeding 55/30

Katlyne F. Smith-speeding 54/30

Jamie Nicole Collett-speeding 52/30

Timothy Lawrence Gregory II-speeding 66/45

Jason Helderman-speeding 50/30

Doyle Wayne Foister-speeding 36/20 (inside a school zone)

Teresa A. Stidham-speeding 46/30

Blanca Estela Gonzalez Torres-speeding 60/45

Amber Danielle Hickey-violations of the seat belt (driver), traffic control device and registration laws

Amber L. Walters-violations of the move over and driver’s license laws

Bonnie Christina Lugo-violation of the handicapped parking space law

Patricia Marcum-violation of the handicapped parking space law

Danny R. Patterson-violations of probation for vandalism under $1,000 and possession of a schedule II and a schedule IV controlled substances, failure to appear for vandalism under $1,000

Shannon Smith-violation of probation

Brandon Winstead-outstanding warrant

Brittany N. Winstead violation of the registration law

Tazewell Police Dept.

Jacob Keith Hurst-theft of merchandise under $1,000

Gary L. Bunch-resisting stop, halt, frisk, arrest or search, capias/bench warrant

Joshua Lee Graves-violation of probation for theft under $500, failure to appear for theft under $1,000, possession of drug paraphernalia and violations of the muffler, registration (altered decal) and financial responsibility laws

Elizabeth Walker-driving under the influence, possession of drug paraphernalia, failure to maintain traffic lane, violations of the headlights (during inclement weather) and financial responsibility laws

Arthur Alexander LittleJohn-leaving the scene of an accident, failure to exercise due care

Olivia Renee Evenson-speeding 33/15 (inside a school zone), driving on a suspended license

Kayla Lynn King-speeding 31/15 (inside a school zone), violation of the financial responsibility law

Jacob P. King-speeding 61/45, violation of the financial responsibility law

Cambron M. Emilio- speeding 61/45, violation of the registration law

Tiffany Maiden-speeding 60/45, violation of the registration law

Pedro Williamson-speeding 72/45 (with a semi)

Emily A. Graves-speeding 71/45

Angela Kay Barnard-speeding 40/15 (inside a school zone)

Gregory A. Fox-speeding 70/45

Kristen Leigh Gray-speeding 69/45

Sarah N. Ferrer-speeding 69/45

Sharon Jon Hembree-speeding 68/45

Samuel Bishop-speeding 67/45

Dong Keun Lee-speeding 66/45

Bobby G. Hyde-speeding 50/30

Nichole Althea Seal-speeding 34/15 (inside a school zone)

Claston T. Davidson-speeding 64/45

Rhonda Kawin-speeding 64/45

Brendan Miller-speeding 64/45

Angela Michelle Green-speeding 64/45

Lauren Bimber-speeding 63/45

Shannon Morelock-speeding 63/45

Amanda L. McCaffery-speeding 31/15 (inside a school zone)

Tabitha Dawn Davis-speeding 31/15 (inside a school zone)

Jane Louise Petty-speeding 31/15 (inside a school zone)

Sherry Kaye McGeorge-speeding 31/15 (inside a school zone)

Anastasia Leaha Aikens-speeding 31/15 (inside a school zone)

Cody Hoskins-speeding 61/45

Christian L. Kirk-speeding 61/45

Michael L. Duvall-speeding 61/45

Alvin D. Reece III-speeding 30/15 (inside a school zone)

Kathey D. Moore-speeding 30/15 (inside a school zone)

Courtney R. Tuttle-speeding 60/45

Dakota P. Davis-speeding 60/45

Dacota C. Fortner-speeding 60/45

Vicky L. Owens-speeding 60/45

Abram M. Harris-speeding 60/45

Christopher Hensley-speeding 57/45

Johnathan Lucas Cuncliffe-violations of the traffic control device (school bus) and financial responsibility laws

Jamie Thomas Nole-violation of the traffic control device law (school bus)

Rebecca Venable-violation of the traffic control device law

Angela Parker-violation of the traffic control device law

Steven Miracle-improper vehicle start, violation of the driver’s license law (failure to carry)

Ann Zoe Sweet-following a motor vehicle too closely

Tammy Cole-violations of the move over and financial responsibility laws

Dustin Scott Bowlin-driving on a revoked license (third offense), failure to appear for driving on a revoked license and violations of the open container and driver’s license laws

Harold Long-driving on a revoked license

Toby Dallas Lawson-driving on a suspended license

Derek A. Cook-violation of the registration law

Tonia Ann Baker-violation of the financial responsibility law

Billy Gower-violation of the financial responsibility law

Olivia Renee Evenson-violation of the financial responsibility law

Vanessa Smith-possession of drug paraphernalia

Danny R. Runions-public intoxication

Tennessee Hwy. Patrol

Janie Denise Blevins-driving under the influence (second offense), violation of the Habitual Motor Vehicle Offender Bar, driving on a revoked license, violations of probation for possession of drug paraphernalia and driving on a suspended license, failure to appear for theft of property under $500, possession of drug paraphernalia and driving on a revoked license (second offense)

Dennis Burchett-driving under the influence