Deputy Arnwine fired

Published 10:45 am Tuesday, August 20, 2019

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Claiborne Sheriff Bob Brooks confirmed this morning that Deputy Noah Arnwine was fired yesterday due to a third official write-up. Arnwine is the CCSO officer who apparently played Russian Roulette with travelers along Interstate 75 on Nov. 2 of last year.

A leaked recording of a conversation between Deputy Cody Lankford, Arnwine’s partner, and his supervisor details the incident. On the recording Lankford says he watched while Arnwine emptied all but one bullet from the revolver, spin the cylinder and point it into traffic.

“It was just so crazy. I’m still in awe over it,” said Lankford, on the recording. “I slowed down and started watching to see if anybody started flipping end-over-end because they got the back of their head blown off.”

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Lankford’s supervisor, former assistant chief deputy Mark Ellis, reportedly called surrounding hospitals following the incident to insure no one had been hurt. Ellis has since been fired for allegedly tazing and “smacking” a jail inmate.

According to sheriff Brooks, the shooting incident was the second official write-up for Arnwine.. The first and final written reprimands were for “job performance,” said Brooks.