Trump v. Biden: the race is on

Published 12:23 pm Thursday, March 5, 2020

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The Tennessee Presidential Preference Primary is over, and it appears there are clear winners in both the Republican and Democratic camps. The unofficial results show that incumbent Donald J. Trump was the clear leader in the eyes of the registered voting Republicans. Trump slammed his opponents Jim Walsh and Bill Weld at the polls, taking 96.48 percent of the state and 98.48 percent of the Claiborne county Republican votes.

Democrat hopeful Joseph R. Biden handily beat out his stiffest competition when he upset the Bernie Sanders and Michael R. Bloomberg apple carts. Biden took a respectable lead early on, gaining votes along the way to snag the top spot with 41.74 percent of the state and 42.90 percent of the county democratic votes.

When all was said and done, the unofficial county results show that 444 registered and voting democrats chose Biden over Sanders, who scored 272 votes. Bloomberg fell to third place, trailing behind with 166 county votes.

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Claiborne county voters overwhelmingly went with Trump, securing 2,002 Republican votes for the incumbent, while Walsh and Weld captured a less than sparkling 13 and 9 votes, respectively.

The two Republican competitors fared about the same statewide, garnering just 1.05 percent and .98 percent, respectively.

The unofficial county Democratic ticket results show a clear margin for the 3 top runners compared to the rest. Elizabeth Warren grabbed 67 votes, making her fourth in line, followed by the remainder of the slate of hopefuls.

Amy Klobuchar garnered 35 votes to 24 votes for Pete Buttigieg. All the remaining nine Democratic candidates pulled county totals in the single digits – two of whom received just one vote each.

Statewide, the unofficial results show Warren pulling in 53,545 or, 10.39 percent of the votes.

The county numbers show that all 14 of the Republican delegates are committed to voting Trump during the 2020 Presidential Convention. Those delegates at-large are William Lamberth, Amy Jones, Jack Johnson, Shannon Haynes, Lei Ann Gleaves, Douglas M. Englen, Beth Scott Clayton, Jane Chedester, Linda D. Buckles, Chad Blackburn, Mae Beavers, Julia Atchley-Pace, Peggy Larkin and Steve Allbrooks.

Claiborne county voted their top three picks for District 2 delegates who, again, are Trump supporters. Those three are David A. Bishop, James Corcoran and Robin Flenniken.

Tennessee is one of four states that are allowed 11 votes in the Electoral College.

As of press time, the official Claiborne county results were due for release on March 10.