Opinion: A report on sports reporters

Published 12:40 pm Wednesday, April 1, 2020

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Yep, the virus is here and it’s changing our daily lives, our daily routines and of course sports.

We all know that right now it’s all about the sick and those who are helping them heal. That should be everyone’s focus and sports should be on the back burner but to those that live the sports life in any form or fashion; we know just how much it means. We have athletes at home, coaches at home, parents staying home and sports reporters trying hard to keep some sports in the papers, radio and televisions in those homes.

The idea is to provide a bit of normalcy and we all have tried to get sports content out there but it’s becoming increasingly difficult as more time goes by. Most of us find we are doing more articles on Covid-19 related topics but that’s not what we are about. We too live the sports life and we miss it. Every single day we post new or modified sports schedules and a few plain cancellations. Sports writers and reporters don’t like it. We want our sports back.

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I should be out there dodging baseballs and softballs, wishing I had more time for tennis and track teams, trying to better understand the game of soccer and hearing the fans quarreling with umpires but instead I am writing about missing it.

I should be telling everyone about that time a certain Lady Bulldog softball player blasted me just below my mid section or the baseball that whizzed by my shoulder looking like a white laser blast. I should be trying to explain to a mad parent of grandparent why the kid’s name was misspelled or getting yelled at because I had to leave a part of the game out of an article due to space concerns. I should be getting fussed at for choosing to go to a baseball game over soccer, I should be worried about standing in the “circle of death” at a softball game but I’m not. I’m just like all of my sports family trying to fill my life with something, anything, but it’s not out there right now. Man, I miss that. I miss doing my job, I miss the crowds, I miss the creative ways fans find to heckle the officials, I miss the coaches yelling at the players, I miss the great plays, I miss the kid that finally gets in the game that kicks in a goal or the kid that never gets in the game at all who sits there and talks with me about the game he or she loves. I miss sports.

I trust that some day soon we will see the ball fields, race tracks and soccer pitches open soon but we simply don’t know the future or what it holds. Let’s just pretend we are down by one run and have a runner on second. Our best hitter is at the plate and when he swings we all know we are going to have a play at the plate. Our runner rounds third base and we have a bang-bang play at the plate, but nope, the game is stopped right before our eyes. That’s how it feels right now but we will get back to normal some day and we will see that ending. Hang in there sports family, this nightmare will go away.