Community offers thanks

Published 12:30 pm Sunday, April 12, 2020

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Although it is a trying time all over the United States people are doing what is necessary to heal and help others. Claiborne County is no exception. We have professionals in the medical, emergency services, law enforcement, fire department, rescue squads, grocery stores and other fields that are having to do normal work and risking their personal health as well as their loved ones for the betterment of the community.

From the nurses to teachers and those that are delivering goods to others in need. There are so many needs being filled by others and it’s truly a great blessing to us all.

We at Claiborne Progress join the community in saying thanks to all those that are braving the Covid-19 craziness to keep up safe. We asked the readers who they would like to give thanks to and here are a few responses that encapsulates the feelings of the community:

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Claire Hunley said this, “I’d like to thank all the teachers, aids, bus drivers, cooks, and maintenance personnel of Claiborne County schools. We’re all doing our best at keeping the children fed weekly, making sure the buildings are sanitized and up to par and making sure your children don’t fall behind by coming in weekly to make send home packets for their continued learning. There is a lot going on behind the scenes of our schools. We just want you to also know how much we love and miss our children.”

Brianna Leedy said, ” Thanks to Brandon Payne, Shawn Noah and Amanda Noah. They have been coordinating through the Love Thy Neighbor Facebook group, distributing food and supplies to those in need. They have really been working their butts off.”

Bobbie Womack replied, “Claiborne County EMS. These men and women are working on the front line with very limited supplies, praying with each call that they are not exposed to COVID-19 and do not bring the virus home to their families. These unsung heroes are putting themselves in harms way with each call they respond to, each time they respond to a call for difficulty breathing, or calls for other potential symptoms. I truly believe we should thank them everyday for their commitment to the people in our county.”

Tina Cox replied, ” thanks to IGA, Harrogate and Rob Redwine they have worked so hard to keep there shelves stocked so we can have what we need to feed our families. Also thanks to the FMC staff and John Michael Robertson for taking care of his staff and patients.”

Deborah Monday-Evans also wanted to thank the truckers, “Thanks to the truckers and those working extended hours from home delivering medical supplies, food, etc.”

Craig Whitaker said this, “Please recognize Tim Burchett for his work and unprecedented approach to help others cope with suicidal thoughts.”

Melinda Turner said, “Thanks to Katrina Massengill at Kat’s for feeding truckers, medical professionals, and retail workers for free at her restaurant. She also has fed others, and helped a lot families.”

Rachel Miracle added, “I would like to thank my sister Margaret Sweet as well as all of the other workers at Amedisys Home Health. Everyday they go into these homes not really knowing what type of environment they’re entering and working long hours with limited supplies. They are praying that every patient they treat doesn’t expose them and their families to a potentially deadly virus. But not only do they treat their patients medically they are also comforting these patients in such an uncertain time.”

There are so many people wanting to thank others for their hard work in this trying time and there isn’t enough space to thank them all but to everyone out there doing necessary activities, helping fight the virus or helping others get what they need, we all thank you.