What are you missing?

Published 10:15 am Sunday, April 12, 2020

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While being ordered to stay at home we all are finding ourselves missing something. It may be going out to eat, a car show, a sports event, school or even just a simple hug. Truth is, we are all missing something. When asked about what is being missed there were many people that had something to say, Here are a few of the responses:

“I miss seeing my kids and grand kids and great-grandchild. I miss my store and seeing the people that came in. I told my testimony to everyone that would listen. I am having to close my store for good. I understand that people don’t need the things I have. Just sad we have been open for 5 years. However it is all in God’s Hands.” – Sherry Pressnell

“I know it sounds silly, but I genuinely miss just being able to grocery shop without the fear of getting sick. Having Type 1 Diabetes makes me even more vulnerable to sickness, so I’ve barely been out for anything the past two months.” – Hannah Brock

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“I miss everything and everybody.” – Donna Jean Brooks

“I miss being oblivious to how many times a day I touch my face.” – Danielle Lane Branham

“I miss my CGHS students.” – David Hamilton

“I miss going to school, seeing my teachers, principals and everyone else. I miss the game days for everyone I miss seeing my friends, making memories and just having fun.” – Kylie Blevins

“I miss seeing my mom. I miss going places with the kids. But I guess I really miss being carefree! I miss being able to sit down in my patients home and spend time with them without worrying what I may be bringing in with me. I miss stopping to catch a bite to eat without worrying did I wash my hands well enough from my last visit? What have I touched since I last washed my hands? I miss being able to meet at our office and discuss the goings on instead I have to stand outside the door and wait for supplies to be dropped so I can approach and pick them up. I miss things being normal.” – Vicki Davis Parker

“I miss all my senior lasts.” – Tabitha Hatfield

“Church, my sons baseball season and going to the gym.” – Tiffany Lewis

“Church, family, friends, my students and coworkers, SOFTBALL, the rest of Kaylee’s senior year, Kinley’s nightly briefing of all the excitement at CHS, Granny’s cooking, and shopping.” – Tassa Cox

“Sports, life without sports is terrible.” – Tyler Martin

“I miss my residents interacting with each other, being able to have meals together and activities. I miss the laughter and the families visiting.” – Terri Kowalski Ramsey

“Playing and watching baseball.” – Micah Cannon

“Work and income.” – Travis Lester

“Baseball season and church.” – Lora Bunch

“I miss church.” – Betty Earl

One thing is evident through all of the is COVID-19 mess is that we have lots to be thankful for and we will likely appreciate, even more, the freedoms we are allowed on a daily basis in the good ole United States of America.