Claiborne Middle School football preview

Published 12:55 pm Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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The Claiborne Middle School football team is currently preparing for the upcoming season. COVID-19 has changed the way everything is done and football teams are having to adjust as well.

Bulldogs head coach Blake Helderman spoke about the workouts leading up to the season, “As of right now Tennessee middle school football is looking at a six game season starting at the beginning of September in which we will only play conference games. They are only going to let the top two seats  into the playoffs and then a championship.”

Helderman is excited about the number of kids coming out to workouts, “As of right now we have around twenty kids showing up for summer practices but we hope to see more when school starts.”

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He spoke about the look of the new team as well, “Offensively and defensively we will look around the same but coach Jake walker of the high school has stripped the play book and created a more efficient as simpler way of teaching it. So far the kids have already learned new passing formations and a new hurry up offense.”

Coaches always define goals for their team, “So over all the goal this season is to make sure the kids have fun and learn everything they can about the sport and of course win.”

Helderman and his staff are really wanting to take a positive step forward, “I really look forward to this year overall because we have an amazing group of talented kids who have each others back. They are working so hard and I am more than excited to see what they can do come game day.”

The middle school season will begin August 17 pending no future pandemic extensions.



By: Allen Earl