Fall squirrel hunting is a rite of passage

Published 12:38 pm Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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The 2020 fall squirrel season is set for August 22 (2020) -February 28 (2021) and Tennessee hunters have a liberal limit of 10 daily.

Young hunters are encouraged to start learning by chasing gray, fox and red squirrels. Hunting squirrels has become a rite of passage for novice hunters.

Squirrel hunting offers young hunters the opportunity to learn about the forests. He or she can learn to recognize the different types of trees from oaks to pines and everything in between.

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The hunter will learn to stalk their prey and find ways to move undetected in their pursuit. The knowledge gained will be a great benefit when the hunter moves on to big game.

Another positive to be gained for the young hunter is marksmanship. Whether hunting with a shotgun or rimfire rifle, hunters have to be respectful to the squirrel for their ability to hide making accurate shots essential.

The final but likely most important thing is family tradition. There is nothing comparable to a father and son or daughter heading to the woods. Squirrel hunting isn’t only about the pursuit of table fare, it’s also about time spent together. Talking, laughing, teaching and learning not only about the hunt but about each other; no phones or technology, just interaction between family. That’s the best part and it’s what will be remembered, not the animal harvested.


By: Allen Earl


(Photo by Allen Earl)