Springdale Elementary participating in FLUency program

Published 10:19 am Friday, December 4, 2020

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Springdale Elementary is one of over 100 schools across Tennessee participating in a program that gives parents and school officials a heads-up when a student falls sick. The Boiron + Kinsa FLUency health program is currently in its sixth year across the United States and Canada.

The innovative program uses smart thermometers that allow earlier detection through tracking individual cases. The thermometers give school officials the information to assess the potential for a outbreak or spread of illnesses like strep throat, the flu and now COVID-19.

Participating families receive the free Kinsa thermometers, allowing parents and school faculty to see aggregate, anonymous information on any symptoms and illnesses going around the campus. These early insights help nurses act with real-time data in order to stop an outbreak before it happens.

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The smart thermometers encourage daily home-based fever and symptom screening while guiding families and staff to the right care.

Springdale school nurse April Turner was successful in getting the campus approved last year for the program. However, a wrench was thrown into the plans due to COVID-19 and the subsequent distance-learning currently taking place.

“We’ve not yet gotten everyone signed up. Not everyone has a smart phone – something that is required in order to use the smart thermometers,” said Turner.

Once in place, Turner says the program will be a great help in keeping the spread of illnesses down among students, faculty and administration.

Nearly 350,000 families in approximately 4,000 schools are expected to benefit from the program during the current school year.

For more information, log onto www.kinsahealth.co.