TENNESSEE MIDDLE SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION, 2020 Section 2 – Area 6-A Basketball Tournament

Published 12:56 pm Wednesday, January 13, 2021

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The local middle school tournament will be hosted by H.Y. Livesay and be held at Cumberland Gap High School, January 19, 21, 23 2021.
The school officials have set some guidelines for all to be aware of to help everyone stay safe during the continuing pandemic.
Game Instructions:
Teams participating in the first game will be able to take the floor no more than 20 minutes prior to the first game.
*After, the first game teams will be given a minimum of a 10 minute warm-up period
*No game will start before the scheduled time unless agreed upon by the coaches, the tournament director, and officials.
*All completed lineups should be given to the scorer 15 minutes prior to game time.
*Starting line-ups will be announced prior to every game.
*Warm-up balls and game balls will be provided by Washburn. No other balls will be allowed in the gym.
*Coaches and administrators are responsible for the conduct of their fans. Any spectators who do not exhibit good sportsmanship will be ejected from the gym. H.Y. Livesay Middle School reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone.
*No coolers will be allowed in the stands or on the playing floor.
*The HIGHER SEED will be the home team and wear white uniforms. The LOWER SEED will be the visitor and wear dark uniforms.
Ticket Gate/Pass Gate:
With respect to school-sponsored and other youth athletics, schools, organizers, and facilities shall not permit spectators to attend practices, games, or competition; provided, that game, school, and facility administrators, athletics officials, coaching and team personnel, parents, guardians, or other immediate household members of athletes practicing or competing at the venue on that date, media and athletic scouting personnel attending the event in their professional capacity, and first responders may be present within the facility, but must to the greatest extent practicable comply with applicable health protocols, including maintaining at least six (6) feet of separation from persons outside their household. Schools, facilities, organizers, and governing bodies may further limit physical capacity as deemed necessary to protect public health. Governor Bill Lee – Executive Order 70
Each player will submit a maximum of four immediate household members (i.e., individuals who live with the student) that will be eligible to attend athletic contests until the Executive Order 70 is lifted. The  four-ticket maximum includes split parental guardianships.
*Ticket sales will take place at the gate and only those immediate household members provided by the student may purchase a ticket.
*Families will be required to sit in the gymnasium in properly marked areas with their immediate household members, which will be six feet apart from other immediate household member clusters.
*Admission for all games will be $7.00. Children six and under will be admitted free.***The increase in price is due to COVID***
Tickets will go on sale thirty minutes prior to the first game. No one will be admitted prior to this time.
All schools need to submit a household list with the team roster pass list by Friday January 15, 2021.
There will be no tournament pass sales.
** Email pass lists to melissa.brock@claibornecsd.org
All persons leaving the building will not be allowed back into the building.
TMSAA cards and school ID cards can be shown for free admittance
Ticket sales will only be for the game that your child is participating. The gym will be cleared after every game. Parents may wait for their child in the hallway outside of the gym.
Temperature screens will be conducted for all attendees. Anyone with a temperature at or above 100.4° will be denied admittance.
Cloth facial coverings must always be worn while indoors.
Opposing teams will be regulated to no more than three tickets per immediate household member of a player. A list of attendees must be furnished by the opposing team. This list will be verified at the gate.
Cheerleaders or dancers will not be permitted to attend until Executive Order 70 is lifted.
Limited concessions will be served in a separated area from the gymnasium and strict COVID-19 protocols will be followed.
Locker rooms and restrooms will be cleaned prior to and after the events.
Each game will have a limited number of faculty to maintain proper operation of the event.
Ticket sales will only be for the game that your child is participating. The gym will be cleared after every game.  Parents may wait for their child in the hallway outside of the gym.
Players and teams will be requested to dress in travel gear and uniforms to limit group gatherings and locker room confinement. If you need to use the locker room, access may be granted but discouraged.
Due to COVID, schools may not get shares this year. It will depend on how much the cost of the tournament is. Also, remember, this tournament is being hosted by HY Livesay, but it is everyone’s tournament. If we do not make enough money, TSSAA has suggested that you all might have to help cover costs.
Claiborne County Schools are a smoke-free environment. According to the TCA there is no use of tobacco products on school grounds. Anyone using tobacco can be cited by law enforcement officials. The use of tobacco on school grounds will not be permitted.
All -Tournament Team:
The Tournament Director will appoint a Tournament Committee to select 10 players for the All Tournament Team and 1 tournament MVP.
All awards will be presented at the conclusion of each game on Saturday. All Tournament Awards must be picked up on site. They will not be mailed.
We will send 3 teams to the next round.
All questions need to be directed to Melissa Brock or Blake Hopper, Area Tournament Coordinator. We can be reached at (423) 869-4663, melissa.brock@claibornecsd.org or (423) 494-7896 blake.hopper@claibornecsd.org
Fans are strongly encouraged to do their part by adhering to these COVID-19 guidelines.



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