Cosby chronicles ‘3 dead horses’

Published 11:03 am Thursday, May 27, 2021

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“I want justice! Justice for everyone that has suffered at the hands of these corrupt people and justice for what they have put me and my family through!” – excerpt from “Three Dead Horses”

Marty Cosby says his personal long day’s journey into night hasn’t ended there. The former Forge Ridge school principal is quick to give God all the glory for leading him to the dawning of a better day.

Unlike the O’Neill play, “Three Dead Horses” is a book that leaves a sweet taste in the soul and hope in the heart of the reader.

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Cosby says he decided to put to paper the events surrounding possibly the lowest point of his life. Penning the fact-based book, he says, has brought about a renewed spirituality as he learned to let go of the reins and allow his creator to battle on his behalf.

Cosby says writing the book has given him the chance to share how God has blessed him through the prolonged ordeal that began when small town politics and corruption came to visit and camped at his doorstep.

The book chronicles the events following his “demotion” as principal to vice-principal of another school. Cosby had been at Forge Ridge since 1981, working his way up the ladder to principal by 1995. Along the way, he earned several highly-regarded awards and recognitions.

The move, Cosby says, was politically motivated, led by the former finance director/6th district school board member. Cosby says this person solicited the help of the former 4th district board member and the former superintendent of schools.

Cosby claims the finance director wanted to insure the county mayor retained his seat during the upcoming election. In order to accomplish this, Cosby says he and his family were enlisted to support the incumbent. The idea was that a substantial portion of the community, who valued the opinion of family patriarch Pete Cosby, would follow the family’s lead when election time came around.

When Marty refused, he says all hell broke loose. He says his dark journey lasted through years of harassment and threats made against him and his extended family, miring him in a mental quicksand of misery from which he could not escape.

After much soul searching, he says he decided to fight for justice by bringing a civil suit against the three principals. The action has plodded along for six years and counting.

“It took coming to the end of self to finally decide to hand it all over to God. It’s been amazing, having Him protect us through this difficult time,” said Cosby. “His mercy and love has been proven over and over again.”

Cosby says he learned three lessons during those dark days – forgiveness is not optional, trust calms fear and our identity is in Christ, not in a position.

“Through 22 years as principal, it had become my identity. My identity was in a position and that was the wrong place to put it. After I was no longer principal, I felt lost. I had to learn my identity is in Christ,” said Cosby.

The book, published in both hard copy and e-edition, is sold at various locations including Walmart, Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Several local bookstores are stocking the book including Wellsprings, located in Harrogate. Cosby has also donated a couple copies to the Claiborne County Public Library.

Several book signings have been scheduled for this summer. Cosby will be signing books at the Claiborne Library on June 19, from noon to 2 p.m.

He is currently working on a study guide to his first book. A second book is in the works as well. Cosby is also collaborating with his wife, Sheliah, on a devotional entitled “Seasons” due out by the end of the year.