Do you know what your candidates think? Sheriff Bob Brooks profile

Published 2:12 pm Thursday, June 23, 2022

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I spent nearly 7 years at the Hancock Co Sheriff’s Office where I rose through the ranks and was
promoted to Chief Deputy in 1991. In 1994, I began working with the THP and retired in 2018. In 2018,
Claiborne Co chose me as their Sheriff, and I am honored to have served my community in this role and
my desire is to continue in this role as Sheriff. Community engagement, trust and transparency have
been the hallmarks of my 36-year law enforcement career.
I’ve dedicated my life to public safety. During the first 3 years of my administration, the Sheriff’s Office
saved the county over 1.1 million dollars while creating over 3 million in revenue. I was tasked with
keeping our children safe by assigning School Resources Officers to all public schools in our county. In
2018, Claiborne County voted for change, and I believe that the changes that we have made have
moved Claiborne County in a positive direction. I believe that we have succeeded in bringing trust back
to the Claiborne County Sheriff’s office that had eroded during past administrations.
Drugs are the biggest issue for Claiborne County residents. Drugs can be the root problem for many
other issues that cause so many problems for families in Claiborne County. Other crimes such as Thefts,
DUI, Domestic Assaults, and others can be traced back to Drug Abuse. It tears apart families, while
having a negative impact on the children.
Our SRO’s have implemented the LEAD program in the Claiborne County Schools that shows that we are
committed to protecting our youth from the increased use of drugs and drug related crimes. We have
reduced the reported crime rate by 40% since 2018 by attacking the drug dealers that disperse these
drugs to our youth. We have put 3 K9’s on the road and are adding 2 officers to our Narcotics Division.
We have developed a Facebook page that allows the community to be engaged with us to help fight this
problem. Claiborne County is my home and I care deeply for this community. My law enforcement
career has been built by on strong leadership by example and the ability to make positive changes. Help
me keep this momentum of positive change going.

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