Do you know what your candidates think? Charles Miracle Profile

Published 2:02 pm Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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(editor’s note: Mr. Miracle is running for the Claiborne County Mayor’s seat.)

My name is Charles Dean Miracle. I am your average 57 year old working man.  I have worked in Claiborne County ever since I was old enough to work. I have raised my family, a son and a daughter, here also. I am married to Sheila Hensley Miracle, and we have one granddaughter.

I feel that I am the best candidate for this office because I know and understand hard work. I have fought and worked hard for everything that I have, and I plan on doing the same for Claiborne County.  I want what is right and best, and I will do that to the best of my ability. Everyone in this county has a voice, and my door will always be open to you. I will work with everyone involved to make this county better for you. I will not lie to you and make promises that I cannot keep. For these reasons, I feel that I am the best candidate for this office.

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I think the most pressing issue is having someone who will listen to the people and not put them on the back burner. The people need to be heard, and this needs to be changed.

I will welcome you into my office, and I will listen to your needs and concerns.  I will work on getting grants and use them the way they are intended to be used. I will work with whomever it takes to make this happen.  I will stand up for the people of Claiborne County and work hard to see that your need is met. I want to make a much needed change. Everyone has a voice and every voice matters.