Public Records

Published 5:20 am Friday, November 25, 2022

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The following public records are the only public records that have been made available to the Claiborne Progress. If you feel that there has been an omission or other error, please contact the appropriate agency. As addresses are not always included in these reports, some misidentification can occur with individuals having the same name as others. Persons listed as being arrested or receiving citations should not be considered guilty or convicted as they have not been found to be so in a court of law at the times these records are filed. Since records are printed as received, the list is controlled by the appropriate agencies involved; we are unable to change or omit names or information.

Claiborne County Sheriff’s Office

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•Drew Jordan Russell-aggravated rape of a child, incest

New Tazewell Police Dept.

•Craig S. Goins-burglary, attempted aggravated burglary, vandalism under $1,000, possession of methamphetamine, possession of a schedule IV controlled substance

•Samantha Jean Seal-speeding 66/45, violation of the financial responsibility law

•Roderick Eugene Tucker-speeding 61/45, violation of the financial responsibility law

•Brian Keith Doughtery-speeding 66/30

•Bryston Hunter Wilson-speeding 68/45

•Tensie Christian Ledford-speeding 51/30

•Ruth C. Blackburn-speeding 51/30

•Marcelle Drake-speeding 51/30

•Charles C. Burgess-speeding 64/45

•Lisa Dawn McKeen-speeding 64/45

•Sydney I. Shelton-speeding 64/45

•Kristen Foster-speeding 49/30

•Justin Bussell-speeding 49/30

•Joshua Langston Richards-speeding 62/45

•Rubin Rudolph Culak III-speeding 47/30

•Shonda LeAnne Smart-speeding 47/30

•Linnie Green-speeding 61/45

•Michael Dale Dylan Moore-speeding 46/30

•Bobbie Jean Hoskins-speeding 60/45

•Jeffery A. Richardson-violation of the traffic control device law (stop sign), driving on a suspended license

•Mikenlea Buis-violation of the traffic control device law

•Zachary Lawless-violation of the traffic control device law

•Harv Brezovy-violation of the hands free/cell phone law

•Connor Zapfi-violation of the hands free/cell phone law

•Giovannini Luca-violation of the vehicle window tinting law

•Jared A. Johnston-violation of the financial responsibility law

Tazewell Police Dept.

•Carrie Lee Malone-possession of barbiturates, possession of a schedule V controlled substance, driving on a revoked license, violations of the light and financial responsibility laws

•Matthew Slezak-driving under the influence, reckless driving, violations of the registration (switched tags) and financial responsibility laws

•Shannon Lynn Neff-speeding 72/45, violation of the financial responsibility law

•Robert DeWayne Long-speeding 65/45, violation of the financial responsibility law

•Dustin Lee Collins-speeding 63/45, violation of the financial responsibility law

• Chavvamaremmaga Ri Sahithya-speeding 77/45

•David Wayne Williams-speeding 73/45

•John David Collins-speeding 70/45

•Alexander Charles Hodges-speeding 70/45

•Kevin Lewis Painter-speeding 70/45

•Deidra Standifer Duncan-speeding 69/45

•Donnie Elmer Newberry-speeding 69/45

•Aubrey Renee Link-speeding 69/45

•Sarah Dawn Gaby-speeding 69/45

•Kyle Jordan Burns-speeding 67/45

•Mataylin Elizabeth Goins-speeding 67/45

•Jakob Sheldon Terry-speeding 67/45

•Merrick Russell Bacon-speeding 66/45

•Marie C. Iocsak-speeding 66/45

•Aran Jeffery Scott-speeding 66/45

•Caroline Burch-speeding 64/45

•Lisa Bridgett Lowery-speeding 64/45

•Stephanie Jo Eversole-speeding 64/45

•Eric Daniel Middleton-speeding 64/45

•Linda Kay Schooler-speeding 63/45

•Doughlas Dwayne Lucas-speeding 63/45

•Timothy Wayne Gray-speeding 62/45

•Allison Chandler Cobb-speeding 61/45

•Dontavis Antonio Jerome Jackson-speeding 61/45

•Ronnie Lee Carroll-speeding 60/45

•Krystal Kay Clerk-speeding 60/45

•Brian Patrick Clark-speeding 58/45

•Shirley Kay Bailey-speeding 56/45

•Samantha Cheyenne Gann-speeding 56/45

•Hazle Spurlock-speeding 46/35

•Zachariah Braeden Helton-speeding 54/45

•Marcus Irvin Nidiffer-speeding 54/45

•Eric Wolfenbarger-violation of the traffic control device law

•Michael Gene Crutchfield-violation of the traffic control device law

•Katie Lynn Thomas-violation of the traffic control device law

•Kaitlen Renee Sizemore-failure to yield traffic right of way

•William Austin Cunningham-violation of the hands free/cell phone law

•Douglas Anthony Thacker-violation of the hands free/cell phone law

•William Mak Wilson-capias/bench warrant for driving under the influence, failure to appear for theft of merchandise

•Maverick Bolden-driving on a revoked license, violation of the light law

•Ethan Snodgrass-driving on a revoked license

•Austin Partinn-driving on a suspended license