Local ‘Day of Prayer’ to be observed at Tazewell Park

Published 11:30 am Friday, April 21, 2023

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Businessman Nick Pezzente has taken up the banner to pull together a local version of the National Day of Prayer. The event will be held on May 4, from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. at the Tazewell Municipal Park.

Pezzente is encouraging Claiborne County residents to join him and millions of other Americans across the nation in a tangible way to express dependence on God.

“His grace has guided this nation’s growth and progress since its birth more than 200 years ago,” said Pezzente. “Many are concerned about the future of America and our cities. We see more violence and struggles in everyday life as our culture moves further away from the source of our strength.”

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Pezzente encourages the public to join together for one hour as we take one day out of the year to bring light and hope to our country through the power of prayer.

“I hope our entire community will realize the importance of God’s hand in America and will remember the great opportunity we still have to come before God publicly and corporately,” said Pezzente. “We hope you will join us as an important part of our community. Please feel free to bring your family. This day is planned for every American citizen.”

The observance will include prayer for governmental leaders, churches and families. Other topics will be included in the one-hour mass call to prayer.

“All through history, America has turned to God in times of conflict and in peace. The National Day of Prayer is a great opportunity for Americans to unite in recognition of our incredible need for God,” said Pezzente.

The Tazewell Municipal Park is located at 207 Richardson Rd. beside Otto’s Garage.

The nationwide event was established by law in 1952 and amended in 1988 to permanently designate observance annually on the first Thursday in May.

The 2023 installment carries the theme “Pray fervently in righteousness and avail much” which is taken from James 5:16 of the Christian Bible.

For more information about the local event, call Pezzente at: 860-388-5562.