Claiborne County public records

Published 12:18 pm Monday, January 22, 2024

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Compiled by Jan Runions 

The following public records are the only public records that have been made available to the Claiborne Progress. If you feel that there has been an omission or other error, please contact the appropriate agency. As addresses are not always included in these reports, some misidentification can occur with individuals having the same name as others. Persons listed as being arrested or receiving citations should not be considered guilty or convicted as they have not been found to be so in a court of law at the times these records are filed. Since records are printed as received, the list is controlled by the appropriate agencies involved; we are unable to change or omit names or information.

Claiborne County Sheriff’s Office

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• Matthew C. Chadwell-domestic assault, vandalism, interference with emergency calls

• Sarah E. Paudert-driving under the influence (third offense), failure to exercise due care, driving on a cancelled/suspended/revoked license

• James E. Creech-driving under the influence, possession, manufacture, sell, delivery of methamphetamine, driving on a suspended license, violation of the implied consent law

• Zachary M. Bunch-driving under the influence, violations of the light, implied consent and registration laws

New Tazewell Police Dept.

• Justin M. Chess-violation of an Order of Protection

• Dennis L. Burghardt-failure to exercise due care

• LeAnn M. Bunch-leaving the scene of an accident, violation of the rules of the road (improper vehicle backing), driving without a license

• Donovan White-speeding 67/45

• Jack Gragg-speeding 67/45

• Tina Lester-speeding 64/45

• Amanda Elliott-driving on a suspended license

Tazewell Police Dept.

• Deborah Poore-driving under the influence (second offense), violation of the rules of the road (improper traffic lane change), violations of the implied consent and financial responsibility laws

• Timothy Ray Partin-speeding 75/45, violations of the registration and financial responsibility laws

• Chelsea Lynn Conklin-speeding 70/45, violation of the financial responsibility law

• Robert Edward Evans-speeding 68/45, following a motor vehicle too closely

• Haley Danielle Graves-speeding 66/45, violation of the financial responsibility law

• Mark Anthony Jackson-speeding 80/45

• Eugene Richard Corman-speeding 72/45

• Gaurarkuman Jaylantilal Patel-speeding 71/45

• Cayden Alyssa Davis-speeding 71/45

• Troy Michael Bierman-speeding 70/45

• Billy Joe Jones-speeding 68/45

• Cameron A. Gilbert-speeding 68/45

• Amber Rae Baker-speeding 68/45

• Abigayle Breanne Zimmerman-speeding 68/45

• Ronnie Ray Minton-speeding 68/45

• Justin Michael Harding-speeding 67/45

• Lincoln Thomas C. Bosch-speeding 67/45

• Skyler Kevin Badger-speeding 57/35

• Houston Kent Harris-speeding 66/45

• Ripalkumar Jayantilal Patel-speeding 66/45

• Ann Thornton-speeding 66/45

• Blake Milton Powell-speeding 66/45

• Sherry M. Powers-speeding 65/45

• Sean Thomas Reeves-speeding 65/45

• Carolyn Sue Gray-speeding 64/45

• Jared Ross Nelson-speeding 60/45

• Robert E. McCollum-speeding 56/45

• James Gerrells-driving on a suspended license

• Georgia Breigh Perkins-violation of the hands free/cell phone law