New Tazewell Police Reports

Published 4:27 pm Tuesday, May 14, 2024

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The following public records that have been made available to the Claiborne Progress. If you feel that there has been an omission or other error, please contact the appropriate agency. As addresses are not always included in these reports, some misidentification can occur with individuals having the same name as others.

Persons listed as being arrested or receiving citations should not be considered guilty or convicted as they have not been found to be so in a court of law at the times these records are filed. Since records are printed as received, the list is controlled by the appropriate agencies involved; we are unable to change or omit names or information.

  • Scott Hornberger- DUI, first offense; open container; implied consent; speeding 66/45
  • Tyler Estes- Speeding 40/20
  • Diana Robbins- Traffic Control Device
  • Wanda J. Harvey- Driving on a suspended license, no insurance, expired registration
  • Shauna L. Harvey- Outstanding warrant
  • Samuel L. Pelcher- Possession of a Schedule VI Controlled Substance; 8 outstanding warrants
  • Dewayne Smith- Light Law violation
  • Janice Mitchell- Theft involving merchandise, criminal solicitation, outstanding warrant
  • Moeez Haroon- Speeding 67/45
  • Joshua Buttery- Speeding 64/45
  • Kristin Lamarr- Speeding 45/20, driving on revoked license, no insurance, registration violation
  • Kathy Brock Massengill- Traffic Control Device
  • Ronnie Smith- 4 outstanding warrants
  • Brent Hugh Painter- Speeding 48/30
  • Joshua Walton Ricketts- Speeding 48/30
  • Christopher A. Williams- Speeding 63/45
  • Stephen Arlan Alley- Speeding 65/45
  • Enrique Arias- Speeding 66/45, No Driver’s License
  • Sarah E. Mullins- Speeding 66/45
  • Jon Ledford- Speeding 63/45, Light Law violation
  • Nathan Blaze Ponice- Speeding- 48/30
  • Thomas Anthony Jones- Financial Responsibility
  • Sydney Bostic- Speeding 69/45
  • Richard C. Baughman Jr.- Speeding 64/45
  • William Begley- Speeding 50/30
  • Susan Raye Grant- Speeding 46/30
    • Joseph Curtis Williams- Speeding 63/45
  • Danielle F. Barkman- Speeding 69/45

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