Where are the parents?

Published 12:25 pm Wednesday, March 14, 2018

To the editor:

We hear almost daily of kids being shot and killed, bullies, drugs and alcohol abuse. Are these kids being raised by television, video games, online socializing?

Do parents care what their children are doing all day? Do they talk to them about the consequences of their actions? Do they know who their friends are, or where they go after school and on weekends? Do they even care? Do the children have any responsibilities at home or weekend, chores?

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A kid plays a violent video game, someone or something in it is killed, and they can play it all over again, because the victim is alive. Do kids think the same thing happens when they shoot or stab someone? They can just start the “game” over again and everything will be alright?

Since the Florida school shooting, there have been several more threats in several states. If someone calls in a threat to a school, they expect classes to be cancelled for the day and they can stay at home.

Parents, it’s your responsibility to know what your children are doing on social media, who their friends are, and the friends’ parents. Wake up before it’s too late. Teach your children about the consequences of their actions. YOU, and ONLY YOU are responsible for your child’s behavior.

Karen Rhymer

Tazewell, Tennessee