Turning wrenches, chasing dream series: Tyler Brock

Published 1:55 pm Friday, May 1, 2020

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Tyler Brock was 12 years old when he started racing. His parents Will and Kim pulled the trigger and bought a kart and the rest is history. Will had been speaking with a work mate Jeff Holt who told him that his son had been racing at Treadway and that’s where it all started with the Brock family. The family ended up thinking the kart was junk but that motor was special, in fact, they still have it today.

Tyler described that first season this way, “We started mid season when we got into racing and couldn’t keep the kart together. it was always a bolt, clutch, or chain issue. it was always something. We finally decided that we have to find a new go kart in order to be competitive. So we found a kart out of Middlesboro, Kentucky owned by Jeff Day. Needless to say after meeting Jeff with the kart and Anthony “Tater” Petty for building a motor, chassis setup, and motivation, We won straight out of the gate at the little outlaw track. We won our first race running against a fix of adults as an 13 year old.”

All in all, it took Tyler about three months before getting his first win.

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The wins kept coming after that and Tyler has won over 100 races in Tennessee and Kentucky.

Tyler grew up and entered college where racing had to become second. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do and I took a few years to decide. I was enjoying health care and a friend asked me to do a ride along with him at Claiborne EMS and I immediately loved it.”

Tyler went though the EMT basic classes and progressed to where he is now a paramedic for Claiborne EMS which is a part of Covenant Health. He met his wife Abbie at an old job and the two hit it off, got married and now have two kids. William Thomas Brock and Teagan Faith Brock.

It had been several years since he had been in a kart but Petty called one day and said he had a ride for him if he wanted it.

“After a few days of thinking about it and talking with the wife, we decided why not. So we met Jonathon Weaver and Lauren Chadwell who was going to let me race one of there karts and their son, Aiden Weaver, was going to race a Champ Kart. Little did I know I would soon care less about about my racing and that I would care more about him and his racing,” said Brock.

The two “old timers” gave young Aiden a few tips for setting the kart up and sure enough the youngster won the 2019 Beginner Champ Championship at Ashway Speedway.

Tyler took pride in Aiden’s performance, “I won a championship there around 2011 but seeing him and helping him win that championship was more rewarding than mine.”

Tyler has came a long way from being that 12 year old with a kart made in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s in both racing and his personal life. He has proven he can still drive as he won twice, finished second once and third twice in only five races due to a rain shortened season. One thing is clear, Tyler enjoys helping Aiden and the goal is to get him his second championship but he won’t entirely rule out getting back into a kart.

“After having two kids, I’m not going to say that it is not a possibility that I will not get back into racing. I will say this, if either one of my kids want to get into racing, we will definitely be back. I will help Aiden as long as I can and as long as he wants to race. I’d like to see my kids race with Aiden one day but I will not force them to race. I want them to enjoy a hobby whatever it may be.”

Tyler Brock has enjoyed turning wrenches and chasing his own dreams but he is taking great pride in wrenching on the young and talented Aiden Weaver’s kart maybe as much as his own.