Law enforcement prepared for scheduled Klan rally

Published 6:06 pm Thursday, September 22, 2022

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As the Ku Klux Klan puts the finishing touches on its plans to hold a rally in Claiborne County this weekend, all branches of law enforcement will be on alert for any disturbances arising from the event.

The rally will be held on private property in a more rural location. As such, the county will have no jurisdiction or authority to stop the event from happening.

County Mayor Joe Brooks alerted the public of the situation during the Claiborne Commission meeting on Sept. 19. He read from an open letter:

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“While this type of activity is federally protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, the very document we all swore oaths to uphold, we realize that all opinions have value to individuals who hold them and that every opinion will not be universally accepted,” reads a portion of the open letter.

“…it is our hope that everyone will join us in praying for those who hold such hate for another that they may be shown their misgivings with love and not meet hate with more hate. While this activity certainly does not reflect the whole of Claiborne County we turn to the world for support with diluting hate from our midst and to not let the actions of a few bad apples ruin the bunch.”