Today is the best day to make a difference

Published 1:48 pm Friday, February 10, 2023

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Contributing columnist

Happy February already. If anyone thought they were holding back the reigns on these quickly advancing days might just be fooling oneself. Now that we are in the shortest month of the year, should I go ahead and say Happy March? I will totally refrain from greeting the month of March because today is a perfect day to make a difference and besides that, for me at least, March may never come. I attempt to live my life in such a way, that I am alertly aware, of the time I have. Counting days before they arrive can present problems. I will smile writing that I have enough on my desk already, no need to add tomorrow until it arrives.

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James 4:14 is the verse of scripture I have selected for focus, in 2023. “You don’t know what shall be on for tomorrow, for what is your life? It is a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes”. The late Eugene H Peterson wrote “you don’t know the first thing about tomorrow”, and how true his words. He described our presence in life as a wisp of fog or like catching a brief bit of sunshine before it disappears.

If you and I were to prepare for tomorrow and evaluate our life experiences on the foundational truth we have nothing promised to us, I feel confident that our use of time and opportunity will be highly cherished and guarded before dispersing. There are many things that have a hand on our shoulder that we turn our head to look at, and give our attention too. Not knowing what has the ability to get you to stop and turn, what I do know, is there are things in my life that I have granted permission for such. Its been more than a day or two I have paused to re-evaluate, just who and what, has access into my life.

As a Christian I want to write and share, of course only God has my attention, but I am more much upfront on reality and self. There have been many minutes, moments and situations I have rearranged my schedule to fit things in, or readjusted my plans to be a part of something other than what I had scheduled. This is not always bad, a matter of fact this could be more than totally appropriate and or even necessary. The danger and caution is relative, if this is the way in which I function as my rule and guide. Planning and preparation are foundational truths for Christians, as is the leadership and guide of the Holy Spirit.

Not knowing what tomorrow holds and realizing that today is what I have, I am going to square my shoulders back and press on, attempting to give my very best right now, so it can be said that right then, I did my best.

Until then.