Claiborne EMS gets new trucks to add to its fleet

Published 6:27 pm Wednesday, February 15, 2023

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Every call in the community is important to Danny McCreary. The director of Claiborne EMS says the people on his team are just as committed to picking up a nursing home resident for a ride to a medical appointment as they are to providing life-saving care on the scene of an emergency.

“Our convalescent service crews are staffed with skilled and compassionate EMT’s who understand getting you to where you need to be in a timely manner – whether it’s a discharge from a facility, or a doctor’s appointment here or to surrounding counties,” said McCreary.

That’s why he says he is particularly excited about the two new and fully equipped ambulances.

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“One is a Type One, making it the third four-wheel-drive unit in our fleet that allows us to keep providing our services in severe weather. We have the latest updated protocols. We’ve added video laryngoscopes to assist our staff in intra-tracheal intubations and up-to-date pediatric equipment,” said McCreary.

The new ambulances also have updated “power cots” – which are specialized gurneys that have a battery-powered hydraulic system that raises and lowers the cot with just the touch of a button.

As the designated ambulance service for 911, Claiborne EMS receives an average of 7,200 calls annually. McCreary says that most of those calls are through the 911 system providing emergency care to stroke and heart attack victims and those experiencing diabetic emergencies and traumatic injuries.

Professionals specially trained in emergency care man the ambulances. Those include EMT’s or paramedics who have extensive medical training and critical care paramedics who have a more expanded scope of practice.

“Claiborne EMS has maintained a Level One recognition with the State of Tennessee by providing advance life support with paramedics and critical care paramedics,” said McCreary. “Also, we provide convalescent services to nursing homes, Claiborne Medical Center and to anyone needing transportation to and from a doctor’s appointment or dialysis.”

But, he says, there’s more than medical care going on during the typical workday. Claiborne EMS offers a variety of community education programs whose presence is seen at schools, local businesses and community events.

“We are part of our community and we take pride in delivering emergency services and convalescent services to Claiborne County. When it’s you or your loved ones and the moment counts, you can count on us,” said McCreary.

Claiborne EMS offers a class in Emergency Medical Technician training at no cost to participants. Those who complete the training are qualified for EMT certification. McCreary says it’s a meaningful career path ideal for those who have a heart for service and for helping others in the community.

For more information, or to register for upcoming classes, call Claiborne EMS at 423-526-2316.

Claiborne Medical Center is located in Tazewell, TN, and is a member of Covenant Health, a community-owned health system providing comprehensive services in Tennessee. Claiborne Medical Center’s mission is to serve the community by improving the quality of life through better health.

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