Seal announces candidacy for Tennessee Senate’s Eighth District seat

Published 2:43 pm Friday, March 15, 2024

Jessie Seal, a resident of Claiborne County for the past 16 years and originally from Hancock County, has announced his candidacy for the Tennessee Senate’s Eighth District seat.

Seal held a successful campaign launch event on Tuesday in New Tazewell. He was firm in his message about the importance of safeguarding God-given rights.

Seal aims to bring renewed energy to the district and earn the trust and support of the community.

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Frank Niceley (R) currently holds the Eighth District seat, representing Union, Jefferson, Sevier, Hancock, Claiborne and Grainger counties. If Niceley decides to run again, Seal will challenge him in the August primary.

Seal has stated that if elected, “My goal is to preserve the Tennessee I grew up in and protect it for people like my two young nieces.”

“I cannot stress enough the urgency of our situation,” he declared passionately. “As someone who fully comprehends the needs of small communities, I am acutely aware of the complacency that has seeped into our system. We must reignite the fire of energy, enthusiasm and engagement in our senate seat. Let us stand together and make a difference for our beloved community.”

Seal is a successful PR director and respected Republican leader. He was Tennessee Republican of the Year and served twice as chair of the Claiborne County Young Republicans.

Seal believes Tennessee needs a senator who will defend borders and Second Amendment rights and is deeply connected to our communities: “We need someone who can effectively advocate for our causes.”

And Seal is confident he can deliver.

“The district needs a senator who will understand its people’s needs and not just occasionally vote ‘the right way,'” he said.

Seal, who graduated from Walters State and serves as a voting member of the president’s trust, is a proponent of public education and believes in advocating for increased teacher salaries.

“Teachers are the most underpaid professionals, and they should be the highest paid,” he said.

Seal wants to prioritize the content taught in classrooms and ensure that Tennessee students are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for success.

He also made the voters a promise.

“If elected, I pledge to be a fired-up senator who will represent all people, regardless of their political status, connections, or power,” Seal said.